On Joe Rogan’s show, Stefan makes statement about issuing copyright notices

On Joe Rogan’s show #538 August 21, 2014, Molyneux stated that YouTube channels were shut down using DMCA to stop “a troll”, some guy who had worked for FDR who was harassing, doxxing, and stalking his callers.

“So, everybody uses my stuff and I don’t care about it. You can do a search on YouTube for my stuff and everybody who said ‘I’d really like to reuse your stuff’ I’m like ‘hey, go for it.’ Right? But we had a number of listeners who called in and said, ‘Listen, this guy is doing some pretty creepy stuff with my personal info here. I’m not comfortable with it.’ So we used that mechanism to take that down. It’s got nothing to do with copyright or anything like that, I just felt that listeners were being acted against in a negative way, a significantly negative way, so that’s what we did, but it’s nothing to do with copyright or anything like that. People use my stuff all the time.”

Molyneux goes on to say that he fully supported Michael DeMarco’s use of DMCA to take down videos:

“It’s only 1 or 2 people [? that were doxxed ?], and it’s only happened once [? the doxxing?], but that’s why we did that. That’s why Mike decided to do that thing on Youtube, which I fully agree with …”


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