Avens O’Brien’s article “Stefan Molyneux & the Gun in the Room”

Avens O’Brien’s most recent article “Stefan Molyneux & the Gun in the Room” appears in Thoughts on Liberty.


“A free world is inevitably going to involve diverse ideas, and people coming to conclusions you might not – it’s how we are able to progress in philosophy and science and understanding everything around us. I am tremendously wary of people who claim to love liberty and freedom who would censor their critics. The beautiful anarchy that Molyneux and others discuss would be a world where many different ideas will flourish, and I wonder how he’ll manage his intolerance when he doesn’t have the government as a thug for hire.”

This piece is also featured in Rational Review:


Avens spoke in this video (@ ~ 27.00 ) about how her first article about Molyneux was affected by the takedown of the TruShibes channel.  It broke many of her links and references to the videos, causing great inconvenience for her, since it occurred while she was preparing for the Burning Man Festival.

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