Jeff Berwick writes about Stefan Molyneux

Jeff Berwick comments on the DMCA controversy, and writes that Joe Rogan would not let him on the show because after Stefan Molyneux, they didn’t want any more anarchists on the show.

“He then was confronted about his very morally sound belief that intellectual property (IP) is not actually property and that government should not regulate it… and how he had used government IP laws to remove a YouTube channel that was anti-Molyneux. Rather than apologizing for this clear lack of sound principles which he often espouses, which would have been fine… we all make mistakes in heated moments… he danced around the issue. He could have even mentioned that it was the manager of his channel who did it and he had not thought completely through it. But, he didn’t.

Soon after, being a big fan of Joe Rogan and his very open mind, a number of friends of mine who knew Joe had spoken to him about having me on his program, which I think would have gone really well. They stated, to paraphrase again, “After Stefan Molyneux, Joe doesn’t want any more of these anarchists on.””

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